Brilliant Diamond Cut for Sale


Ruby Roger does not promote raw materials because selling finished goods is its main line of business. Every item collected in Mozambique is processed in Bangkok in accordance with the format and size requirements of the user to enable a variety of applications.


Our diamond cut for sale takes into account the girdle thickness, which has an impact on the diamond’s lifetime, the symmetry of the facet arrangement, and the level of polish on those facets. You should thus check out our diamond cut for sale right now.


A diamond’s height, measured in millimeters from its table (top) to its culet, is its depth (bottom). A diamond’s depth in relation to its full width is determined by the depth%. The depth of a diamond can significantly affect its cut quality and the amount of light it reflects. 


The Best Diamond Cut You Will Ever Find


A diamond’s final beauty and worth are impacted by how well it is cut. In addition, it is the most challenging of the 4Cs to examine in a diamond due to its technical complexity. Our organization determines the cut grade of the typical round brilliant diamond, which constitutes the majority of ruby sugarloaf jewelry. by examining the facets’ ratios as they relate to how the diamond appears when it is facing up.


For many, finding the ideal diamond might be challenging. We hope that our material gives you firm knowledge that will enable you to proceed in confidence. We aim to provide our customers with the finest diamonds available by offering the broadest assortment of diamond cuts at our company. The diamonds in our collection come in a broad variety of shapes, from conventional to unconventional. What sets us apart from other suppliers of diamond cut for sale are the most popular diamond shapes and their qualities.

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