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I have never made an online purchase before, how can I be sure Ruby Roger is reputable?

Our goal is to introduce new and innovative ways for customers to purchase high quality natural unheated Mozambique rubies and fine jewelry in the privacy of their own homes, on the go, and at their own pace. We aim to provide all the education, guidance, and value you need to make purchasing online easy.

Why should I choose Ruby Roger?

Unlike traditional jewelers, Ruby Roger is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer phone support, live chat, and e-mail with our experts. Learn and shop the way you want, with no pressure, hassle-free 30-day return or exchange period.

Our unparalleled, exclusive ruby selection comes with a best price guarantee, and every ring is handcrafted by expert jewelers. Our commitment is always to ensure you get a lifetime of value.

What do I consider when choosing a product of Ruby Roger?

If you want to buy a ruby, whether it be a loose stone or a piece of jewelry, you need to be aware of a few crucial things. The first step in making any purchase, just like with other transactions, is setting a budget that you can adhere to. The optimum ruby can then be found by carefully prioritizing the information below.

Our Unheated Mozambique Ruby and ruby sugarloaf stands out while also blending in beautifully with all other jewels. Any collection would look lovely with a single ruby ring. Our rubies are an amazing gemstone choice for any piece of jewelry, especially rings, due to their qualities of hardness and durability. You should only occasionally check the environment’s security. The next thing to think about after obtaining our red rubies is how to take good care of and shield the jewelry.

Every ruby gathered in Mozambique is processed in Bangkok in accordance with the format and size specifications of the user. Ruby Roger also provides Gemology certificate from Bangkok for every gemstone and ring purchased.

We are experts in the trade of precious stones and provide a vast range of rubies in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget. We have the capacity to supply almost any quantity size in ruby sugarloaf and any facet cutting.

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